Electron scanning micrograph of a silica micro particle made by spray drying of porous silica nano spheres

View of gravimetric sorption devices to measure nitrogen sorption isotherms at 77 K at our laboratory



  • Design, synthesis and characterization of adsorbents and catalysts; heterogeneous (continuous) reactions, miniaturization, scale up to processes,

  • Physico-chemical characterization and testing, surface functionalization design and material development for bio processing, liquid phase-based separation processes and technologies, in particular for analytical, preparative and process High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and  multidimensional LC/MS with integrated sample clean up for proteome analysis, electrically assisted and capillary electro chromatographic separation methods

  • Development of drug candidates and drug profiling, drug release materials, fully automated analytical instrument platforms for proteomics and peptidomics including sample cleanup, biomarker search.



Current research activities


Research projects

Design of silica core/shell particles for HPLC columns,

Structural order of porous materials in relation to their performance

Pore structure characterizationof porous materials


Consulting activities

Pixhaier group: Annual meeting of young researchers on the characterization of porous and finely dispersed materials

Mass transfer phenomence

Switchable surfaces

Electron scanning micrograph of layers of uniform nonporous silica beads of 2 µ m diameter made by a modified Stoeber process

Discussion on EU funding with the rector of the University of Technology, Kaunas, Lithuania, 2007

20th International Symposium on protein separation (ISPPP), Lubljana, Slowakia From left to right: Prof. A.I. Liapis, University of Missouri Rolla, US, Prof. K.K. Unger, University of Mainz, Germany

15th International Congress on Catalysis, Munich 2012

From left to right: Dr. D. Demuth, the company, Heidelberg, Germany, Prof. K.K. Unger, University of Mainz, Germany, Dr. W. Schmidt, MPI Mulheim, Germany, Dr. M. Keung, Sasol, Houston, Texas,US