Author of more then 430 peer reviewed and original scientific contributions and reviews. Author and co - author of 30 monographs, co - editor of 17 proceeding volumes, 55 patents. Supervised 130 ph.d.'s

K.K.Unger, Mainz University2001

Gathering of my group at the statue of Johannes Gutenberg at the forum of the Johannes Gutenberg – University, Mainz, Germany, 2001

Members of the Baltic Seminar on Bioanalysis, August 2001, held at the Kursgard  Brostorp, Brösarp,

South Sweden

Heart of a fully automated multidimensional LC unit for the analysis of peptides from biofluids

operated at AstraZeneca

R&D, Lund, Sweden (see K. Wagner et al., Anal. Chem. 24, 809 (2002)



HPLC of proteins – driven to its end: Chromatogram of proteins (4, 000) separated in 50 minutes at a 50 µm I.D. silica capillary packed with 0.8 µm C18 bonded silica particles (see Y. Shen et al. Anal.Chem. 77,6692 (2003)







Dr. E. Machtejevas as a post doc at Astra Zeneca R&D, Lund, Sweden, analyzing biofluids, 2006

Christmas party of my group at Eibingen, Ruedesheim, Rheingau, Germany 2001





E. Robens, J. Wenzig. K.K.Ungar und K. Neeb.

Oberflächenstruktur von Torf und Wasserbewegung auf der Oberfläche

Surface structure of peat and water motion at the surface

TELMA 48, 89-100, 2018




T. Muellner, U. Tallarek , and K.K. Unger

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Trennsäulen in der analytischen HPLC –Stand der Technik und Empfehlungen

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How to Design Efficient Adsorbents for Separation Processes by Liquid Chromatography ? Monolithic Silica as a Demonstrator,

Presented at the Workshop on Characteriazation of Porous

Materials, 29. April- May 2, 2012, Delray Beach, Florida, US




K. K. Unger

My Mentors Colleagues and Friends in Separation Science and Technology (Part I)

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K: K. Unger

My Mentors Colleagues and Friends in Separation Science and Technology (Part II)

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Euroanalysis 2017

B.A.Persson and K.K. Unger

The lustrous liason between separations science and analysis of organic compounds - a spectacular retrospective

August 27 2017

Stockholm, Sweden

Download ---> PPT

International sysposium of Humbolt Society: Limits of knowlodge


Proteomics in Life Sciences

Fictions and facts

June 27, 2017

Cracow, Poland

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International symposium on characterization of porous solids XI (COPS XI)

​K.K. Unger: think british My life experience with Ken Sing

May 14th 2017 

Avignon - France

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Humboldt - Kolleg Conference

Ethics in sciences and life, Standards and dilemmas

K.K. Unger: Personal reflections and ethics in scientific research

10-13 May 2015

Torün - Poland

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9th Meeting of the Polish Analytical Chemistry Division

K.K. Unger:

High Performace Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) -

Its scientific challenges and its impact into human society

22 - 23 Oct. 2015

Warszawa, Poland